Local Boarding Kennels: Safe Pet Care Whilst Away

Local Boarding Kennels: Safe Pet Care Whilst Away

Leaving your pet when you travel is hard for any owner. It’s essential to find a place where they will be cared for with love. Local boarding kennels are a choice that offers secure, comfy, and fun spaces for your pet. This guide will show the benefits of these facilities for short or long trips.

Local boarding kennels are great for providing expert care while you’re away. They make sure your pet enjoys a safe and roomy space, indoor and outdoor play, and activities that keep them happy and healthy. Staff at these places are skilled and caring, making sure each pet’s needs are met, emotionally and physically. And in case something does go wrong, help is close by, which eases worries about emergencies.

Before dropping your pet off, though, making sure the staff understand your pet’s needs is important. Good preparation and talking openly with the kennel’s team will make the experience better for you and your furry friend.

Key Takeaways

  • Local boarding kennels offer professional, loving care for pets when their owners are away.
  • These facilities provide a secure and comfortable environment, with spacious accommodations, exercise areas, and enrichment activities.
  • Skilled and compassionate pet carers attend to the individual needs of each animal, ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Boarding kennels offer on-site or nearby veterinary support, providing peace of mind in case of emergencies.
  • Careful preparation and communication with the boarding staff can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both you and your pet.

Introduction to Local Boarding Kennels

Being a pet owner, finding reliable care for our furry friends is a must. We often face this challenge when we’re away from home. Local boarding kennels are a top choice, offering pet-friendly facilities. They provide a place for pets to stay and get proper care while their owners are off.

Why Choose a Boarding Kennel for Your Pet?

Boarding kennels are perfect for meeting pets’ needs. They have a daily routine, close supervision, and access to vet care when needed. This is unlike leaving your pet with friends or family. At boarding kennels, skilled staff look after pets. They make sure pets are safe, comfortable, and happy without their owners.

Benefits of Utilising Local Boarding Facilities

  • Convenience: Local boarding kennels are near you. This makes it easy to drop off and pick up your pet. It keeps your travel plans smooth.
  • Personalised Attention: Good kennels provide tailored care. They meet your pet’s unique needs and likes.
  • Peace of Mind: Being sure your pet is well looked after offers peace. It lets you enjoy your time away without worries.

For short getaways or longer trips, local boarding is a great pet care option. Knowing the benefits helps you choose wisely. It ensures your pet is cared for well.

Evaluating Local Boarding Kennels

Looking for a boarding kennel for your pet is important. You must evaluate the kennel well. It’s essential the place is safe and comfy for your pet. Consider several factors that can greatly affect your pet’s happiness while they stay.

Start by checking how the kennel is viewed in the local area. Ask your vet, friends who own pets, and local pet shops for their views. Find out about the kennel’s reputation and the level of care they offer. A kennel with a good name is likely to look after your pet well.

  • Check if the kennel is clean and hygienic. This is crucial for your pet’s well-being.
  • Look into the staff’s background and experience. They should love animals and be skilled in pet care.
  • See what services and extras they offer, like playtime, proper food, and exercise, to meet your pet’s needs.

By checking these aspects, you can choose a boarding kennel wisely. This way, you can leave your pet at a place that cares for them deeply. They’ll ensure your pet is safe, happy, and healthy.

Facilities and Amenities to Look For

When choosing a local boarding kennel, focus on the environment and what’s on offer. Your pet’s comfort is key. Let’s look at important features for a top-notch kennel.

Spacious and Clean Accommodations

Your pet needs room to play and relax. A good kennel has spacious and well-maintained spaces. They are also kept clean and disinfected, stopping sickness from spreading.

Exercise Areas and Enrichment Activities

Apart from a nice place to stay, kennels should offer fun and learning. They have exercise areas and enrichment activities. These include outdoor play, toys, and other fun things to do. This keeps pets happy and busy.

“A well-designed boarding kennel facility should cater to the diverse needs of its canine and feline guests, providing a home-away-from-home experience that prioritises their comfort and wellbeing.”

Check the boarding kennel facilities and what they offer, from rooms to activities. This way, your pet will be in great hands when you’re not there.

Staff Qualifications and Experience

Choosing a local boarding kennel means making sure the staff know how to look after your pet. These boarding kennel staff are key in giving your pet great care and attention while they’re there.

The pet care professionals at good boarding kennels get lots of training. This helps them take care of different pets in different ways. They can provide simple medical care and fun activities, meeting every pet’s needs.

Trained and Compassionate Pet Carers

Find a boarding kennel that really cares for its animal guests. Its staff should truly love animals and show they care by how they treat the pets. Ask about the training and certifications the kennel staff have. This makes sure they can give your pet the best care.

  • Comprehensive training in animal handling, behaviour, and first-aid
  • Ongoing education and professional development opportunities for staff
  • Dedication to creating a stress-free, enriching environment for all boarding guests

“The staff at the boarding kennel were exceptional. I could tell they genuinely cared for my dog and went above and beyond to ensure he was comfortable and happy during his stay.”

Picking the right boarding kennel for your pet means looking into the staff’s skills and experience. By selecting a place with well-trained and loving pet care professionals, your pet is in safe hands.

Feeding and Dietary Requirements

Making sure your pet eats well while at a boarding kennel is very important. This keeps them healthy and happy. It’s key to stick to your pet’s normal meals and meet any special dietary needs.

Tell the kennel about your pet’s eating habits before you book. This helps keep your pet’s meals on track. It also stops them getting upset or having tummy troubles.

Communicating Dietary Needs

Give the boarding kennel lots of info on what your pet eats. Include things like:

  • The usual pet food brand and type
  • How much your pet eats and when
  • Any food allergies or diet restrictions
  • Medicines that go in their food

With this info, the staff can get your pet’s meals right. This lowers the chance of your pet getting sick during their stay.

Accommodating Dietary Preferences

Some kennels can handle special dietary needs. They may offer prescription food or cook special meals. If your pet needs something specific, talk to the kennel early.

Discussing your pet’s diet needs helps a lot. It makes sure your pet stays calm and well-fed at the kennel.

“Maintaining your pet’s regular feeding routine is essential for their comfort and wellbeing while staying at a boarding kennel.”

Local Boarding Kennels

Finding the best local pet boarding is key to your pet’s care. You should research and compare wisely. It helps to look for well-known boarding places nearby that meet your pet’s needs.

Start by listing local boarding places close to you. Search online, check reviews, and ask other pet owners for tips. Look for places with good location and high ratings from people.

  • Utilise online directories and search engines to find local pet boarding options in your area
  • Read through customer reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor to gauge the quality of service and overall satisfaction
  • Reach out to friends, family, or local veterinarians for personal recommendations on reputable boarding kennels

After listing the kennels, it’s time to do a thorough check on each one. Check how clean and big the rooms are. Also, see if they have places for pets to play, skilled staff, and safe care methods.

“Choosing the right local boarding kennel for your pet is not just about convenience – it’s about entrusting your beloved companion to a facility that will provide exceptional care and attention during your absence.”

Researching and comparing helps find the best boarding for your pet. This ensures they get great care. It gives you peace of mind and makes your pet’s stay happy.

Veterinary Services and Emergency Care

Choosing a boarding kennel means thinking about vets too. A good kennel has vets on-site or nearby. This is key for looking after your pet well.

On-Site or Nearby Veterinary Support

Top boarding kennels in the UK have vets ready to help. They work closely with local clinics. This means your pet is in safe hands for any health needs.

  • On-site veterinary clinics staffed by qualified professionals
  • Established relationships with nearby veterinary practices
  • Prompt access to medical care for routine check-ups or emergencies
  • Comprehensive veterinary care to address any health concerns

Ask about veterinary care when checking out kennels. Knowing your pet can get help fast is key. It’s a sign of quality care for your pet.

Kennels also prep for emergencies. They might have their own vet clinics or emergency plans. You can expect 24-hour care for your pet.

“Knowing my pet is in good hands with access to veterinary care gave me immense comfort during my recent trip. The boarding kennel’s commitment to their animals’ well-being is truly impressive.”

Picking a kennel that puts vets first is a great idea. Your pet will get the best care possible. This brings peace of mind for any pet owner.

Preparing Your Pet for a Boarding Stay

Planning a trip where your pet will stay behind needs careful thought. Making sure your pet is ready for boarding helps them feel safe. It also makes the staff’s job easier. Let’s look into what you need before you leave your pet at the local boarding kennels.

Essential Documents and Supplies

Get a few things ready to check in your pet smoothly:

  • Vaccination Records: Check that your pet’s shots are not due. And have their records for the kennel. They need this information to keep all pets safe.
  • Medical History: Give details about your pet’s health or any special needs. This helps the staff look after your pet properly.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Have your vet’s number and someone’s emergency contact. They can make decisions for you if needed.
  • Familiar Items: Pack a few things your pet loves, like toys or their bed. Something with your smell also comforts them.

These steps make boarding easier for your pet. They also give the staff the info needed for top-notch care.

Costs and Payment Options

The cost of pet boarding is very important to think about. In the UK, the prices at local boarding kennels vary a lot. This depends on where they are, what they offer, and the kind of place it is.

This info helps pet owners plan how much they need to spend on their pet’s care. Average prices for pet boarding in the UK are usually between £20 and £50 a night. But the typical cost is around £30 nightly. This amount can change because of the pet’s size, special needs, and the kennel’s services.

  • A small pet might cost between £20 and £30 each night.
  • Medium or large pets could be £30 to £50 for a night’s stay.
  • Kennels that give extra services like grooming or a vet check may cost more.
  • Prices can go up on weekends, holidays, or during busy times.

Most boarding kennels in the UK have different ways to pay, like cash or cards. Some even take payments online. And, some places offer deals if you pay early or book ahead.

But, it’s crucial to check all the prices and any extra fees before you book.

Knowing the average price and how you can pay is key. This way, pet owners can choose what’s best for their pets’ care.

Reservations and Drop-Off Procedures

Booking in at a boarding kennel is key when you’re away. It guarantees your pet gets the right care. Each kennel has its own steps for reservations and drop-off. Learning these beforehand is wise.

When you make the booking, have key details ready. This includes your contact info and your pet’s. They’ll need to know the breed, age, and if they have any special needs. You’ll usually have to pay a deposit or the full amount upfront.

On drop-off day, go to the kennel during check-in time. This allows staff to check your pet, talk about their care, and start smoothly. Remember to bring documents like vaccination records and any personal items for your pet.

  • Arrive during the kennel’s check-in hours
  • Bring vaccination records and personal pet items
  • Talk about your pet’s needs with the staff

Leaving or collecting your pet can be tough. The kennel’s team works hard to keep it calm for both of you. They look after your pet very well during their time there.

“The team at the boarding kennel were so welcoming and reassuring during the drop-off process. I felt confident leaving my pet in their capable hands.”

Knowing how bookings and drop-offs work helps you travel without worry. You’re sure your pet is in a good place.

Maintaining Communication During Your Pet’s Stay

Leaving your pet at a boarding kennel can make you eager for updates. Good kennels keep you informed about your pet’s health and how they’re doing. They make sure to stay in touch with clear communication with boarding kennels and updates on pets during boarding.

Great kennels always keep you in the loop. They do this by:

  • Regularly telling you how your pet is doing. This can be done through phone calls, emails, or a special web page.
  • Letting you see photos or videos of your pet. It helps you see they’re happy.
  • Allowing you to visit your pet while they’re staying there.

Most kennels also welcome your questions or worries. They like to keep things open between you and them. This really helps build trust. You can then properly relax while you’re away, knowing your pet is being well looked after.

“The staff at [Kennel Name] were fantastic at keeping me updated on my dog’s progress throughout her stay. The daily photos and videos really put my mind at ease.”

When picking a kennel, ask about how they talk to pet owners. The way they keep you updated can greatly affect both your pet and your peace of mind.


Local boarding kennels provide a secure and loving place for your pet while you’re not there. It’s important to check the kennel’s condition, staff, and services. Finding a good kennel means your pet will be well looked after, giving you peace of mind during your time away.

Key things to look at include how clean and roomy the place is, whether there are places for your pet to play and be entertained, the staffs’ skills and how much they care, and if there’s a vet nearby. These elements are crucial for ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy during their stay.

If you’re off on a quick break or a long vacation, local boarding kennels are a top choice for keeping your pets safe and cared for. Choose a kennel wisely, and you can be sure your pets will get the care they need. This way, you can enjoy your time away without worry, knowing your pets are in good hands.


What are the benefits of using a local boarding kennel for my pet?

A local boarding kennel offers several advantages. Your pet gets more supervision and a structured routine. They also have access to veterinary support.

What factors should I consider when evaluating local boarding kennels?

Choosing the right local boarding kennel is important. Make sure it’s clean and safe, with qualified staff. Look for spacious rooms, play areas, and activities for your pet.

What type of facilities and amenities should I look for in a local boarding kennel?

Check for a comfortable and safe living space. Make sure there are exercise areas and fun activities. This keeps your pet happy and healthy during their stay.

What qualifications and experience should the staff at a local boarding kennel have?

Staff should be trained and caring. They need skills and experience to look after your pet well. This ensures your pet gets the best care.

How do I ensure my pet’s dietary requirements are met during their stay at a local boarding kennel?

Tell the boarding kennel about your pet’s eating habits. This includes their schedule and special dietary needs. It helps keep your pet healthy and happy while they’re at the kennel.

How can I find a reputable local boarding kennel in my area?

Looking for a good boarding kennel requires research. Consider distance, what others say, and if there’s a vet nearby. Read reviews to make the best choice for your pet.

What essential documents and supplies should I have ready for my pet’s boarding stay?

Getting your pet ready means having their paperwork and favourite things. Bring their vaccination records and things that remind them of home. This helps them feel comfortable.

What are the typical costs and payment options for local boarding kennels?

It’s smart to know the cost of boarding and how to pay. Local kennels have different charges and payment options. Be prepared for these variations.

How do I make reservations and handle the drop-off and pick-up procedures at a local boarding kennel?

Reserving your pet’s stay and understanding the drop-off and pick-up rules is key. Know how to book and what to do when you bring your pet and pick them up afterwards.

How can I stay informed about my pet’s wellbeing during their stay at a local boarding kennel?

Keeping up with how your pet’s doing at the kennel helps you worry less. Good kennels keep you updated and may let you see your pet or talk to them. This makes your pet’s stay easier for you both.


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