We provide the highest standards of animal care and attention, as evidenced by these customer testimonials for Aquithie Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Just picked up my year old very nervous Collie. That’s his 3rd stay here and I wouldn’t leave him anywhere else! They look after him so well and have such good patience with him. Thanks again to everyone in Aquithie Kennels!! xx

2019 August, Mary Michie

First time putting my puppy to a kennels and he clearly had a great time there he didn’t want to leave. Lovely staff who love animals and cater for the individual needs of the animals there. Beautiful location. Kennels were clean and spacious. Will definitely use again.

2019 July, Lyndsey Creevy

My two Golden Labs have been kennelling with Sue and her team for the last 4 to 5 years, several times a year. As soon as they realise they are going to the kennels they can’t contain their excitement, they just love their little holidays there! The place is spotless and my two have never come back with that kennel smell or anything less pleasant. Although they are delighted to come home it speak volumes that they love the place so much that they are happy to go back. I was recommended Aquithrie by a friend who kennels her two flat coats at Aquithie because she was delighted with the care that provide. I recommend using Aquithie.

2019 June, Euan Thompson

Dexter’s always happy coming here, it’s clear that he is well looked after by knowledgeable staff who love dogs. Have been using Aquithie Kennels for a few years now, very happy with them

2019 April, Lara Cameron

I would highly recommend these kennels, it’s clear that they are dog loving people, my boy has been here on “holiday” a few times now. He is a very nervous boy who doesn’t take well to anyone but from the first time here he was happy when left and collected. He now runs along the path to get in xx

2019 April, Kelly Yeats

Little Charlie has been a regular guest at Aquithie Kennels for quite some time. He is a 14-year old Bichon Frise and as a senior dog, we have always ensured he gets special care and attention when staying with us.

His owners recently relocated to the Republic of Ireland, and asked us to help arrange getting Charlie to join them in Dublin.

We arranged for him to travel in luxury, as a senior dog deserves putting everything in place to make the journey as safe and relaxed as possible for him. We are delighted he arrived there with no issues, and we received this lovely message from his owner, Peter Colleran.

Thanks for the photos – they are great souvenirs! And thanks again for taking special care of him and arranging for Jannet to transport him. You do run a great / special kennel.

2018 November, Peter Colleran

Su and her team really care for the animals, all my dogs have loved staying with them

2018 October, Wendy Suttar

My dog Jed has had 2 stays with Aquithie Kennels now and he will definitely be back for more in the future! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, Jed really enjoys his stays here. He goes in a happy chilled boy and comes home the very same way which is a fantastic sign that he’s completely relaxed and at home in the Kennels and with all the staff. Thanks you Aquithie Kennels for taking such good care of my boy:) I highly recommend!!

2018 September, Alli Hutcheon

Lovely kennels, fantastic staff and can never do enough for you and your pets. Our two dogs love going there and run up the path to get in!! can’t recommend Su and her friendly staff enough!! Thank you xx

2018 August, Janie Henderson

Excellent service at Aquithie. Our Cavalier, K.C. was full of life when he came home. Obviously well looked after. Highly recommended

2017 June, Rennie Rushton

Our dog, Ben, has been spending his holidays at Aquithie for several years. He is always keen to go in and is well looked after. The staff genuinely seem to love their furry guests.

2017 April, Sandra Wisely

Very friendly, kind and professional staff members. All dogs were very well looked after!! Highly recommend this kennel. We would not trust anyone else +++

2017 January, Laura Utane

We picked up our four cats from your clean, warm and cosy cattery earlier this month (Nov 2016). One of them enjoyed her stay so much that she thought twice about coming home with us, and decided to go back into her enclosure and finish her food! #Catsown5starreview

2016 November, Helen McShady

They are all 5 stars at this place. Their care is from the heart.

2016 November, John Hyslop

We picked up our four cats from your clean, warm and cosy cattery earlier this month (Nov 2016). One of them enjoyed her stay so much that she thought twice about coming home with us, and decided to go back into her enclosure and finish her food! #Catsown5starreview

2016 November, Helen Duncan

If there were a million star’s it still wouldn’t be enough for Su and her amazing team , after our puppy was unexpectedly had to go into quaritine for 5 weeks due to being a illegal pup in the uk , always their calls updates, thank you for giving Winston a lovely 5 weeks holiday.

2016 September, Annie Sangster

First time I have put my 7 year old beagle in kennels and he loved it. Highly recommended, he was so well looked after. Thank you very much to the knowledgable and helpful staff  Ashley xxx

2016 September, Ashley Thomson

These kennels are great. I’ve just booked my dogs in for a third stay there and would have no hesitation in recommending them. One of my dogs is extremely nervous but is always happy and well when I collect him. This means that I know he has been well looked after on his “holidays” and have not need to worry about leaving him. Thank you x

2016 July, Gillian Shepherd

Sue and her team really care about your pets.My two Cockapoos have been going to Aquithie for years and I would highly recommend them. I look on them as my friends.

2016 July, Julia Stuart

I had to let you know that I am so impressed with your boarding kennels. I have today picked up my 3 dogs Marley, Nesta, and Zoro who have been with you for the past three days while we attended our son’s wedding. This is the first time in kennels for them and from the moment we left them we knew they would be well looked after. I would recommend your services to everyone knowing that their pets would be in safe hands and cared for. Thanks again and if needed I will be using your services I the future.

2016 July, Margaret Wilson

I’d like to express my gratitude you and your staff for looking after my dog this weekend. She arrived with very sore hind legs and I was really reluctant to leave her for my weekend away, even though she has stayed with you many times.

After speaking to your staff yesterday when I picked her up, I was overwhelmed by how much care and attention she had been given to aid her recuperation. As such, I was able to take her for a very gentle walk this morning and she looked totally pain free and very happy.

Please pass on my huge thanks to everyone from myself (and my dog) and let them know how much I really appreciate the kindness. She clearly relaxed and rested more with you than she would have at home. Can’t thank you all enough.

2016 May, Fiona Stuart

I can’t recommend you guys enough! My cat gets treated like royalty here and his room is the equivalent to a 5 star hotel for cats haha! Very friendly and helpful staff! I would not put my fur baby anywhere else now!

2016 May, Cheryl Dester

I would just like to say thank you for looking after Buster the Westie and Snoopy the collie, both rescues. Most worried about Snoopy as he came from the SSPCA and we thought it might freak him out having to go into kennels just for a short time. However, no need to worry as they both came home very happy and settled and are looking forward to their next holiday soon.

2016 April, Wendy Fisher-Holt

My dog Jimmie was taken off of me and placed into Aquithie Quarantine Kennels due to the fact that my vet had given him a rabies vaccination too young and incorrectly filled out his pet passport. In the beginning, this experience was extremely traumatic for both Jimmie and myself – given he was only 1.5 years old and had never been in a Kennel let alone quarantine. After speaking to Su on the phone I knew straight away that Jimmie was in good hands. Throughout the whole process Su was always available to let me know how he was getting on and updates that made me feel a lot more comfortable about the fact that my dog was away from me for so long. I was very worried about changes in his personality, and how this experience may affect him being so young but Su and her team did a great job ensuring he came back to me right as rain! He seemed so happy and Su changed his diet which he loves and his coat is so much better for it. I would highly recommend Aquithie Kennels – I really do not know what I would have done if it wasn’t for Aquithie kennels and Pets on the move to help Jimmie arrive back in the UK. I will forever be grateful for the amazing services provided by Su and her staff.

2016 February, Francesca Fortune Fraser

Louie came from Doha to Edinburgh after 7 months of fund raising to bring him over to Scotland to be adopted by us. His paperwork was not dated correctly (not our fault) & he ended up in quarantine here with Su. I was so worried when I was told he would be transported to Aberdeen to quarantine but once I spoke to Su on the phone & checked out the Web site all my fears were gone. Lovely lady who cares for the dogs welfare & lovely well kept kennels in a stunning location.

2016 February, Susan Hunter

Su where can I begin…. You are an angel and we will never ever forget what you’ve done for us your care and infinity with animals is out of this world..And because of you we’re complete again there isn’t enough thank you’s in this world!! But thank you from the bottom of my heart, and a big hug from Kiana

2015 December, Kathleen Coutts

After deciding to move to Australia we had to make the difficult decision to leave Jack our German Shepherd in kennels for 5 ½ months. Due to strict quarantine laws in Australia he had to have certain test carried out weeks before he could fly out.

Aquithie Kennels had been recommended to me by our vet and a colleague. We visited the kennels without prior warning to see for ourselves. We arrived and was greeted by one of Su’s team, we were shown around and everything looked great. We were made to feel at ease and welcome. Su arrived and introduced herself she asked every question possible regarding Jacks health, medication walks etc. It was clear from that first meeting that Jacks welfare was very important to her. Su and her team went above and beyond to cater for Jack’s needs. Vet appointments were scheduled in with no problem at all. I received emails, photos and videos of Jack whilst in Su’s care. Su also acclimatised Jack to a similar travel crate/kennel that he would be transported in to Australia so he would not be distressed. On the day of Jacks departure from Aquithie Su emailed to let me know he had been collected and she had introduced Jack to the driver to ensure Jack was ok to go with him.

I cannot thank Su and her team at Aquithie Kennels enough for the care and attention they gave Jack. I will definitely be recommending Aquithie Kennels.

2015 December, Su Milne

Su and her excellent team always ensure Darcy has a happy stay. Darcy always excited to see them. Sue is also great at accommodating us at short notice Would highly recommend

2015 December, Lynne Jenkins

Poppy loves coming to stay here 10/10

2015 October, Jenny Allardyce-McRae

Mitsi loves coming here and is very well looked after. The staff are lovely and very helpful. They were busy and still managed to help me out with Mitsi when i found out i was pregnant and needed Mitsi to be looked after until my husband was home to help. I wouldnt put Mitsi anywhere else.

2015 August, Cara Pearston

Susan helped me a lot with taking my dog from Brasil to Scotland, she was very knowledgeable and helpfull. Thank u.

2015 August, Patricia Thom

These are the most spacious and comfortable cat boarding kennels that I have seen. In the kennels, my cat Daisy had a chair with fleece blanket, a  window with spacious window sill (with comfortable rugs) offering views onto a garden + shrubs (bird watching!). Perhaps best of all, the kennel has a  tall built-in cupboard that  can be entered through a cat-sized hole. Inside the cupboard there are shelves  that have fleece blankets and when I came to collect Daisy she was fast asleep on the top shelf refusing to leave her warm and cozy hide-out.  The entire building is  fully heated.  Daisy needs medication twice a day which was administered by the staff at no extra cost (unlike some other kennels that I have used before)  and when she came back home she was her usual self, and not stressed at all. Most definitely a five star cat hotel-spa!

2012 October, GH

I was transferred to Aberdeen by my company, ConocoPhillips, in February 2011. I was so delighted to find out that Su Dodsworth was still the owner and “kennel master” at Aquithie Kennels. I use the term “kennel master” because that is just what Su is – a master at taking care of animals who, for whatever reason, may need to board in a kennel.

In August last year, I had a death in my family and needed to return to the USA; however, my dog Willie had just been diagnosed with kennel cough. It may seem odd but my description of Su as a “kennel master” was confirmed when she very kindly refused to take Willie into the kennel because of his kennel cough. That cough progressed into a very serious spontaneous pneumothorax that required specialized lung removal surgery in Glasgow. Su was so kind and called me regularly to see how Willie was doing and provided much needed suggestions and support during the time Willie was so very ill. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and is so happy to see Su when I have to leave him in her care at Aquithie Kennels.

None of us who are “in love” with our dogs likes to leave them with someone else; BUT, if you need a kennel, you will not find a better one anywhere, and there is no better “kennel master” than Su Dodsworth.

2012, Pat Wild

I wanted to thank you all at the Kennels for the really good care you took over my dogs when I left them with you for my last holiday. I found two very contented and happy dogs when I came back for them, and I am so pleased that you had space for me to leave them with you again over Christmas. Thank you all so much!

2012, Wendy S

Since discovering ‘Aquithie’ our anxiety at leaving our dogs has disappeared. On arrival they receive a warm welcome from everyone, and on our return we find happy-looking, well-cared for dogs.

2011 July, Nanette & Richard D-L

Dear Su, I would like to thank you sincerely for the assistance and advice that you provided to get our dog, ChoCho out of Indonesia at a time when my family and I thought that our chances of seeing him again had gone due to problems with local shipping companies and airline issues.

I can honestly say that without your patience, involvement and will to succeed we would never have managed to get our dog out of Indonesia, for all your efforts, we as a family, are truly grateful.

2010 November, James Stephen

My elderly cat suffers from medical problems and is on a complicated medication regime, so I worried a great deal when I had to place her into boarding at Aquithie kennels for a fortnight. I should have known better! The care and attention (including administration of her medication) she received during her stay was excellent, and when she came back home she was her usual self and showed no signs of stress or unhappiness at all.  I was very impressed and would definitely recommend Aquithie boarding kennels for cats with special needs.

2010 April, GH

My two bitches have boarded out at Aquithie over the past 5 years, and in all that time I have been delighted with the care love and attention showered on them.
Clean comfortable and warm, and with the added bonus of knowing the animals always come first. I would highly recommend Aquithie Kennels.

2010 March, Julia Stuart

I used Aquithie for a period of 6 months as I recently moved over from Houston in May of this year.

Although I was nervous about leaving my Siberian Husky Pup in the care of others for such a lengthy period, I decided that due to Aquithie’s open visiting schedule and accommodating team, my best option would be continue with this board as I would still have contact with my dog rather than leaving her behind while her clearance was granted.

I can whole heartedly say that the care my dog received was first class and the staff were extremely friendly and very helpful with any questions, concerns, or general inquiries I had during this period.

I will certainly be returning for future care for my dog when my travel plans require out of country stays.

Sue and her team are first class in animal care.

2009 December, PJ

The thought of leaving a much loved family pet in quarantine for six months is very difficult upsetting. Our cat Millie rules the house and is used to wandering wherever she wants – I thought she would find quarantine particularly difficult, yet after six months at Aquithie she was in immaculate physical condition and as happy and relaxed as when she went in. I can only think this was due to the individual attention and warmth that she found with the staff, many of whom formed a close individual relationship and regularly spent time with her. We were able to visit regularly, and each visit made us happier about Millie’s enforced spell in the clink. She is now happily at home and we are continuing to use Aquithie’s cattery whenever possible. 

Many thanks


We contacted Aquithie after our previous day boarding kennels closed due to the owner relocating.

We met Su initially to check on suitability and took a space to see if our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Brodie would take to new surroundings. That was six months ago and Brodie looks forward to his day boarding routine with Su and her staff. Thanks to everyone at Aquithie it’s a very happy dog that we collect at the end of the day.

Sean and Val