Wildlife Rescue

Injured Buzzard 11-December-2011

Young buzzard found dehydrated with a broken wing. To weak to move or lift his head. Will he/won’t he survive. 


24 hours later – being hand fed but now able to hold his head up and beginning to look for food. He is being fed very small amount every half an hour. This has to be a slow, continual process at this stage. 


He is now able to stand and although being hand fed he is now being encouraged to take food for himself and is getting stronger.  His food intake is increasing really well on a daily basis.


6 days after being rescued – he is feeding himself well – putting on weight. Able to jum on and off his block. Eyes bright and interested. Now it is a question of time to allow hime to regain his body weight and strength before a decision can be made as to whether anything can be done for his wing. If, in time, it is possible for him to return to the wild this is what will happen. If he is unable to return to the wild he will join two other injured buzzards and have the best possible quality of life in captivity. Time will tell. 


Buzzy 17 days after being rescued.

A very quizzical expression. 


Buzzy has been in an outside aviary for a month now and is flying well. Is searching for his food and could be released back into the wild very soon.