Cat Quarantine


Full quarantine services for dogs entering the UK without the correct paperwork, or entering the country illegally.

Due to the quarantine regulations introduced in January 2012, we now offer full quarantine for animals which enter the UK illegally or with paperwork problems.

The thought of quarantine will be traumatic, if not positively frightening to you. Perhaps it will help to outline our philosophy towards quarantine.

Your cat’s happiness is, and will remain, our top priority. Caring for animals is a personal thing and although our cattery looks very attractive, and the quality of the units exceeds the Ministry specification, it is the degree of care and the affection with which it is given that ensures your cat enjoys quarantine.

We encourage them to enjoy this period in their lives, knowing they are with us on trust for a temporary time only.  We aim to preserve their relationship with you, as a valued member of your family.

That we succeed is evidenced by the fact that all our quarantined pets have returned home and carried on as if they have never been away. There have never been any changes in normal behaviour, no emotional or psychological hang-ups, and no health problems as a result of our quarantine services.

We help to achieve this through the following:

  • fully heated throughout (not with pads or lamps)
  • comfortable fur fabric bedding which is changed as frequently as necessary
  • providing home comforts, including: toys, covered litter boxes or trays, scratching posts or pads (whichever your cat prefers)
  • as much attention as it takes to ensure each and every animal is happy
  • a very high standard of hygiene and health care.

Our dedicated staff will ensure your pet’s happiness and contentment during their stay.