Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

Our wildlife sanctuary is a permanent home to various birds that cannot be returned to the wild due either to injury, age or are not an indigenous species and cannot be allowed free in the UK.

Eagle Owl Chicks

At present we are home to a number of rescue owls, ranging from Itsy the Little Owl to Bobo, Bracken and DJ the Eagle Owls. We also care for Turnbury a beautiful Barn Owl, and Ellie a Boobook Owl.  

Adult Eagle Owl

JD Adult Eagle Owl. Hatched at Aquithie Kennels. 


Hester is our Harris Hawk. She came to us at six months with malformed wings due to a very poor diet. It was uncertain whether she would ever be able to fly. After a very careful consideration of her dietary needs in order to rectify her condition she is now able to fly.

Barn Owl

Baby black barn owl – 5 months old.

Indigenous Birds

Suzie is a Buzzard and she is the most recent addition to our family. She broke a wing when she collided with a power line. She was found dehydrated and dying in a field by a couple who were passing. She is recovering really well and is beginning to fly a little. She can never be returned to the wild due to her injuries.


We also care for  three seagulls – two of which have broken wings and are with us for the rest of their lives. They have their own swimming pool and rock outcrop and enjoy an environment as near to normal as we can make it.

Another seagull, who came to us as a ten day old chick, had fallen from the roof of a high building, was hand reared and although fully grown, does not want to go – but prefers to wander around the lawn and go back into the enclosure at nigjht.


Jacki 11

Jacky II is a Jackdaw. Jackie”s nest was knocked out of a tree when the tree was being felled. Two chicks were rescued but Jacky II”s brother didn”t survive. Jacky is now fully grown, a bird with a huge personality who is so attached to us that when we tried to release him he decided he didn”t want to go. He is also a permanent member of the family, has a wonderful character and is a real comic.