Dog Kennel Prices: Your Guide to UK Costs

Dog Kennel Prices: Your Guide to UK Costs

Owning a dog is a happy journey, but it requires keeping them safe and happy, especially during travel or your absence. This guide explains everything you need to know about UK dog kennel prices. With this info, pet owners can make the right choice for their pet’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the various factors that influence the cost of dog kennels in the UK, including location, size, and amenities.
  • Explore the different types of dog kennels available and their average price ranges to find the most suitable option.
  • Learn about budget-friendly alternatives, such as DIY dog kennel kits and second-hand or refurbished kennels.
  • Understand the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of dog kennels, as well as their long-term durability and replacement considerations.
  • Gain insights into negotiating strategies and seasonal discounts to help secure the best deal on a dog kennel in the UK.

Understanding Dog Kennel Pricing in the UK

The cost of dog kennels in the UK varies a lot. It depends on the kennel’s size and what it offers, where it is, how good it is, what services there are, and how popular it is. Prices will differ from place to place. Kennels in richer or busier areas usually cost more than in quieter places.

Factors Affecting Kennel Rates

Factors affecting dog kennel prices are many. The kennel’s quality and what it provides are important. Kennels with special features, like luxury suites or healthcare, will be more expensive.

The regional differences in dog kennel costs also matter. In busy or rich areas, kennels might ask for more money. This is because it costs more to run a kennel there. There might also be more kennels for people to choose from, so prices can vary quite a bit.

How good the staff are and the care they give also impacts the price. Places with well-trained staff and high standards will charge more. This is because they offer better care and attention to the dogs.

“The cost of dog kennels can vary significantly, with factors such as location, amenities, and the level of care playing a crucial role in determining the final price.”

Knowing about these factors affecting dog kennel prices, regional differences in dog kennel costs, and variables that influence dog boarding prices is useful. It helps dog owners pick the best place for their pets.

Types of Dog Kennels and Their Average Prices

In the UK, pet owners can pick from a wide range of dog kennels. Each type comes at a different price. You can find simple boarding places to luxury suites. They are designed to meet various budget and need.

The standard boarding kennels are common, affordable, and cost between £15 to £30 a night. They offer a safe, comfy place for dogs to stay. Dogs get to play outside and receive care from trained people.

  • Standard boarding kennels: £15 – £30 per night

Indoor-outdoor kennels are a great choice if your dog loves space or both indoors and outdoors. They are priced between £25 and £40 per night.

  • Indoor-outdoor kennels: £25 – £40 per night

If your dog enjoys luxury, then luxury dog suites are the way to go. These top-end kennels cost between £40 to £60 a night. They offer things like private outdoor areas and even special menus.

  • Luxury dog suites: £40 – £60 per night

Some kennels in the UK are more specialised. They have options like senior dog kennels or breed-specific kennels. These special kennels’ prices depend on the care and service level.

“The wide range of dog kennel options in the UK caters to the diverse needs and preferences of pet owners, allowing them to find the perfect fit for their furry friends.”

Choosing a kennel is about your pet’s needs, the level of luxury you want, and where you are in the UK.

Dog Kennel Prices: Exploring Budget-Friendly Options

Looking for cheap dog kennel options? There are a few choices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. These include DIY kits and second-hand or refurbished kennels. They offer a way to save money while making sure your dog is safe and comfy.

DIY Dog Kennel Kits

A DIY dog kennel kit is a great way to save money. These kits let you build your own kennel. They’re much cheaper than getting one installed by a pro. Making your own also gives you the chance to pick the size, shape, and add features your dog will love.

Second-Hand or Refurbished Kennels

Buying a used or refurbished kennel can also be a smart move. Sometimes, people sell their kennels when they need a bigger one or move. These kennels are often checked and fixed up, so they’re as good as new. They offer a good home for your pet at a lower price.

If you’re on a tight budget, think about affordable dog kennel options. This might mean a DIY project, buying second-hand, or getting a refurbished kennel. With a bit of work, you can make sure your dog has a nice place to live that doesn’t cost too much.

High-End Dog Kennels: Luxury at a Price

For UK dog owners who want their pets treated like royalty, high-end dog kennels are the answer. These top-notch boarding places provide special care and top quality for your four-legged friends.

High-end kennels stand out by offering more than just a place to stay. They provide luxury services. Think of comfy, climate-controlled rooms, webcams to check in, and unique diets or vet care for each pet.

Paws Palace in the Cotswolds is one such place. It’s a luxury kennel known for its spacious, personal rooms and top care. Here, dogs enjoy enriching activities and caring staff ensuring they’re happy and healthy.

“Sending our beloved Labrador to Paws Palace was the best decision we ever made. The care and attention he got was exceptional. We came back to a happy, healthy dog, and we trust no one else with his care.”

– Emily W., Paws Palace customer

Choosing a luxury kennel means you’ll pay more, up to £100 a night. But for those who love their pets and want the absolute best care, the value is clear. It offers peace of mind knowing your pet is truly looked after.

These kennels have everything pet lovers dream of. From the perfect room temperature to special, personal care, these places are the crème de la crème for dog owners. When only the best will do for your pet, these luxury places are the perfect choice.

Comparing Prices from Top UK Dog Kennel Providers

Looking for a good dog kennel in the UK means checking out what top brands offer. Ones like Barking Mad, Paws Galore, and Creature Comforts fit different needs and budgets. They are all known for their quality service.

Well-Known Kennel Brands and Their Offerings

Barking Mad is famous for its comfy kennels. It costs £25 for a dog to stay a night, and you can add things like grooming and play for more. Paws Galore is more affordable, with prices from £20. They even have luxury suites with webcams.

Creature Comforts offers personalised service for dog owners. They do custom rooms, give individual care, and offer daily updates. Their rates are from £30 to £50 a night, depending on how much care you want.

Comparing what these top dog kennel providers in the UK offer helps dog owners choose well. They can see what works for their pet and their budget from the various popular dog boarding brands and dog kennel prices. This way, they find a great place for their dog.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Dog Kennel

Looking for the right dog kennel is a common task for UK pet owners. They aim to get a good deal. Luckily, there are many ways to save money on boarding costs.

Negotiating Strategies

Asking for discounts for long stays or more than one pet is a smart move. If you book your pet’s stay for a week or longer, or if you have several pets, you might get a deal. Always check for these discounts, as they could lower your costs significantly.

Seasonal Discounts and Special Offers

  • Watch out for seasonal discounts, especially during the off-peak times like winter. Kennels might drop their prices to attract folks.
  • Some places might offer special deals that include grooming or other services. This is a good way to find discounts on dog kennels and save money.

Being proactive and open to discussion can help you get a good price on a dog kennel. This makes managing dog boarding costs easier. It ensures both you and your dog have an enjoyable, stress-free time.

Installation and Maintenance Costs for Dog Kennels

When you think about getting a dog kennel, there’s more than just the price tag to consider. You’ve got to think about the cost of putting it in and looking after it. These extra costs can really change how much you’ll spend to keep your dog safe and happy.

The cost of installing dog kennels changes based on the kennel’s size, how complex it is, and where it goes. Things like getting it delivered, setting it up, and making sure your home fits it can all hike up the price. It’s crucial for pet owners to remember these extra costs when planning their kennel budget.

Then, once it’s up, you’ve got to keep the kennel in good shape, which costs money too. Keeping it clean, fixing any damage, and the electricity or heating bills all mount up. Pet owners need to think carefully about these ongoing expenses to be ready for the costs of a dog kennel.

To give you an idea, below are some sample costs for installing and keeping up a dog kennel:

  • Delivery and setup of a standard-sized dog kennel: £150 to £300
  • Modifications to the home or property to accommodate the kennel: £500 to £2,000
  • Annual cleaning and maintenance costs: £100 to £500
  • Utility expenses (electricity, heating, etc.): £50 to £200 per year

Knowing the cost of installing dog kennels and the ongoing maintenance expenses for dog kennels is key. It helps pet owners make smart choices and plan their budget well. This way, they can give their dog a great home without any surprise costs.

Long-Term Considerations: Durability and Replacement Costs

When you buy a dog kennel, it’s important to think ahead. Consider how long it will last and the cost if you need to replace it. The kennel’s strength can really change the value you get for your money over time.

Top-quality kennels are often more durable and long-lasting. They can stay in good shape for a long time, which is great for places that look after dogs. But, because they’re so good, they might be quite expensive at first. On the other hand, cheaper kennels might not last as long and can wear out sooner if your pet’s needs change, costing you more in the end.

Knowing how long different kennels will last and the cost to replace them helps you choose wisely. It’s all about finding a balance between the money you spend upfront and the kennel’s durability. This way, pet owners can make a smart choice that’s good for their pets and their wallets.

  1. Think about the durability of dog kennels and how long they might last before buying.
  2. Look at how much it might cost to replace different types of kennels over time.
  3. It’s usually better to choose a long-lasting and durable kennel, even if it costs more to begin with.

Investing in a top-notch, solid dog kennel can bring big benefits later on. It’s a smart move that’s good for pet owners and their beloved animals.


In this article, we looked at the different prices for dog kennels in the UK. We saw how costs can go from cheap to very expensive. Many things, like where the kennel is, what features it has, and its reputation, affect the price.

Also, this piece offered great tips on choosing the right kennel. It talked about checking if the kennel is durable, how much upkeep it needs, and if it’s worth the cost. This way, owners can pick a place that’s good for their dog and their wallet.

Summing up, it’s vital to look at the big picture when choosing a kennel. It’s smart to research prices in different places, know what you can get for your money, and try to bargain for a good price. This helps in finding a kennel that’s both comfy for your dog and light on your pocket.


What factors affect the cost of dog kennels in the UK?

The price of dog kennels in the UK can change a lot. It depends on many things. This includes the size, what’s in the kennel, where it is, and how popular it is. The level of care and service also matters. So, the prices can vary a great deal. Plus, some areas may have higher costs than others.

What are the different types of dog kennels available in the UK and their average prices?

There are lots of kennel options for UK dog owners. You can pick from simple to luxury kennels. The prices range from £15 to over £50 per night. So, the cost really depends on the type of kennel you choose for your dog’s stay.

What are some budget-friendly options for dog kennels in the UK?

There are budget options for kennels in the UK. For those wanting to save, DIY kits are a great idea. Second-hand kennels are also much cheaper. By looking around, you can find affordable deals.

What are the features and costs associated with high-end luxury dog kennels in the UK?

For those who want the best, there are luxury dog kennels. These have everything from comfy beds to special diets and 24/7 care. Of course, these come at a higher price. They aim to give your dog the best possible stay.

How can I get the best deal on a dog kennel in the UK?

If you want a good deal, try talking to kennel providers. Ask about discounts. Be on the lookout for special deals. With some effort, you can save some money.

What are the installation and maintenance costs associated with dog kennels in the UK?

Remember, the cost isn’t just for the kennel itself. You also have to think about setting it up and keeping it clean. There are extra costs for any adjustments needed at your home. These ongoing costs can add up. They are part of owning a dog kennel.

How durable are dog kennels and what are the replacement costs in the UK?

Choosing a sturdy kennel could save you money in the long run. While they might be more expensive at first, you won’t have to replace them as soon. Cheaper kennels might not last as long. Think about how much you’re willing to spend over time. This can help you decide what’s best for your pet.


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