Trusted Dog Day Care in Aberdeen | Canine Fun

Trusted Dog Day Care in Aberdeen | Canine Fun

Looking for a trusted dog day care in Aberdeen? Look no further than Canine Fun. Our premier care, fun activities, and socialization opportunities make us the top choice for dog owners in the area.

At Canine Fun, we understand the importance of providing a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to play and socialize. Our experienced and dedicated staff go above and beyond to ensure that every dog under our care receives the attention and care they deserve.

With our spacious play areas, stimulating toys, and interactive games, dogs at Canine Fun enjoy a fun and engaging day full of activities. We also emphasize socialization and provide opportunities for dogs to interact with other dogs, fostering positive behavior and healthy relationships.

Choose Canine Fun for your dog’s day care needs, and give them a fun and safe place to play while you’re away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canine Fun provides premier dog day care services in Aberdeen
  • The facility offers a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to play and socialize
  • The experienced and dedicated staff prioritize the well-being and happiness of every dog under their care
  • Dogs enjoy a range of activities and opportunities for socialization at Canine Fun
  • Choose Canine Fun for quality dog day care services in Aberdeen

Why Choose Canine Fun for Dog Day Care?

Looking for the perfect place to leave your furry friend while you are away at work or on vacation? Look no further than Canine Fun – the best choice for dog day care in Aberdeen. With our premier care, safe environment, and fun socialization opportunities, we offer the ideal setting for dogs of all breeds and sizes to play, learn, and relax.

Expertise and Experience of Staff

At Canine Fun, we understand the unique needs of each dog in our care. Our staff consists of trained professionals with extensive experience in dog behavior, health, and safety. We offer specialized attention to ensure that each dog receives the care and attention they deserve during their stay with us.

Safe and Secure Environment

The safety and security of our dogs is our highest priority. We maintain a safe and secure facility that is clean, spacious, and designed with the needs of dogs in mind. Our play areas are specially designed to provide ample space for dogs to run and play without risk of injury or escape.

Variety of Activities and Amenities

We offer a wide range of activities and amenities to keep dogs engaged and entertained during their stay. From playtime with toys and games to walks, naps and even special activities like swimming or agility courses, we strive to provide a fun, stimulating experience for dogs that visit Canine Fun.

Focus on Socialization

One of our top priorities is to ensure that our dogs have the opportunity to socialize and interact with other dogs in a positive way. This helps to keep dogs mentally and emotionally healthy, as well as improve their behavior and learn new skills.

At Canine Fun, we believe that every dog deserves to be happy, healthy, and well-cared for. That’s why we offer the best possible care and attention for every dog that comes through our doors. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself why Canine Fun is the premier choice for dog day care in Aberdeen.

The Benefits of Dog Day Care

Dog day care is more than just a place for your furry friend to spend the day while you’re at work. It offers many benefits for both dogs and their owners.

Improved Physical and Mental Health

Regular exercise and playtime are essential for dogs’ physical health. At dog day care, they have access to large play areas and engaging toys, helping them stay active throughout the day. Mental stimulation also plays a significant role in a dog’s well-being, and the variety of activities offered at dog day care can keep their minds active and healthy.

Alleviates Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and can experience separation anxiety when left alone for prolonged periods. Dog day care provides a safe and secure environment with trained staff, keeping dogs relaxed and happy while their owners are away.

Enhances Social Skills

Dog day care offers the opportunity for dogs to interact with other dogs in a supervised and controlled environment. This helps them develop healthy social skills and become more well-behaved and friendly when meeting new dogs.

Convenience for Busy Owners

For busy dog owners, dog day care provides peace of mind when they are unable to supervise their furry friends. Dogs receive the care and attention they need, and owners can focus on their work or other responsibilities without worry.

Overall, dog day care can have a positive impact on a dog’s physical and mental health, social skills, and alleviate separation anxiety. It also offers convenience for busy owners, providing a perfect solution for those who want to keep their dogs happy and healthy.

Our Facilities and Activities

Canine Fun dog day care in Aberdeen offers top-of-the-line facilities and a variety of activities to keep your furry friends entertained and stimulated. Our spacious play areas allow dogs to run and play freely, while interactive toys and games provide mental stimulation and encourage physical activity. We offer specialized areas, such as agility courses and swimming pools, to provide a more diverse and exciting experience for your dog.

Canine Fun’s facilities are designed with your dog’s enjoyment and enrichment in mind. Our aim is to maximize the fun and engagement your dogs have with us, thus meeting their unique socialization needs. The facilities provide an excellent combination of fresh air, playtime, and stimulating activities to keep your pets happy and healthy during their stay with us.

Play Areas

Our indoor and outdoor play areas provide ample space for your dogs to run and play, with separate areas for small and large dogs. The outdoor area includes a large grassy field to ensure your dog can soak up the sun while still being protected from the elements. We provide toys and equipment to keep your dog curious and entertained.

Activities for Dogs

We offer various activities for dogs that simulate their senses, increase mental ability, and improve physical fitness. Our activities include chew toys, ball pits, tug of war, and many more. We also offer specialized activities such as obedience training, agility training, and interactive games. Our goal is to keep your pets’ minds and bodies active and engaged throughout their stay with us.

If you want your dogs to have a day of adventure and play, Canine Fun is the perfect choice for dog day care in Aberdeen. Our state-of-the-art facilities and activities make us one of the best places in Aberdeen to leave your dog while you’re away.

Our Approach to Dog Safety and Security

At Canine Fun, we understand that dog owners want their furry friends to be in a safe and secure environment while in our care. That’s why we have put stringent protocols in place to ensure the well-being of all dogs in our dog day care in Aberdeen.

We have a team of trained and experienced staff who supervise the dogs at all times, ensuring they play and socialize appropriately. We have structured playgroups where dogs of similar sizes and personalities are grouped together to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, we perform regular health checks on all dogs to ensure they are healthy, happy, and not carrying any contagious diseases.

To further reinforce our dedication to dog safety and security, we have certifications from industry bodies that recognize our commitment to providing a safe environment. We believe in going above and beyond to provide peace of mind for dog owners, knowing that their beloved pets are in good hands.

In summary, at Canine Fun, we take dog safety and security very seriously and have put effective measures in place to ensure all dogs have a safe and enjoyable time at our dog day care in Aberdeen.

Testimonials from Happy Customers

At Canine Fun, we take pride in providing exceptional dog day care services to our customers in Aberdeen. But don’t just take our word for it – hear from the satisfied pet owners themselves:

“I’ve been bringing my dog to Canine Fun for a few months now, and I can see a significant improvement in his behavior. He used to be anxious and shy around other dogs, but now he’s more confident and sociable.”

– Sarah, dog owner

“My dog always comes back home looking happy and exhausted after a day at Canine Fun. It’s great to have a safe and fun place for him to play while I’m busy with work.”

– Mark, dog owner

These are just a few examples of the positive experiences our customers have had with us. Our team is dedicated to delivering an enjoyable and stress-free experience for both you and your furry friend. We believe that the testimonials speak for themselves and are a testament to the quality of dog day care services we offer.

With Canine Fun, you can have confidence that your dog is receiving top-notch care and attention – just like they deserve.

Enrolling Your Dog at Canine Fun

If you’re interested in signing up your pup for dog day care at Canine Fun in Aberdeen, the enrollment process is straightforward and stress-free.

The following steps outline what you need to do:

  1. Firstly, fill out the online enrollment form on the Canine Fun website.
  2. Provide proof of your dog’s vaccinations and booster shots. Canine Fun requires all dogs to have up-to-date vaccines to ensure the safety and health of all the furry friends at the daycare.
  3. If your dog has never visited Canine Fun before, the team may require a temperament evaluation for the safety of all dogs.
  4. Decide on the package that suits your needs best. You can choose from various options, including full-day care, half-day care, and monthly membership packages.
  5. After your dog’s enrollment is confirmed, you can book your dog’s visits using the convenient online booking system.

If you ever encounter any problems or have any questions, Canine Fun’s team will be more than happy to assist you through the enrollment process.

Enrolling your dog at Canine Fun is an easy process, so you can have peace of mind that your furry friend is well taken care of while you’re away.

Pricing and Packages

At Canine Fun, we offer a variety of packages to suit the needs and budgets of our clients. Our half-day rate starts from £15 per dog, while a full day of dog day care costs £28 per dog. We also offer discounts for packages of 5 or 10 visits and for multiple dogs from the same household.

For our regular clients, we have membership options starting at £105 for 5 visits per month, and ranging up to £400 for 20 visits per month. These membership options provide great value for clients who require frequent dog day care services.

Additionally, we offer pick-up and drop-off services in our GPS-equipped vehicles, ensuring your dog arrives safely and securely. These services start at £5 per dog.

If you’re interested in enrolling your furry friend in our dog day care program, please consult our website for more details or contact us directly.


Choosing the right dog day care is an important decision for any dog owner. Canine Fun, located in Aberdeen, provides premier care, fun activities, and socialization opportunities for furry friends. With expertise and experience from the staff, a safe and secure environment, and a focus on socialization for the dogs, Canine Fun is the preferred choice for dog day care in Aberdeen.

Dog day care not only provides dogs with physical and mental health benefits but can also alleviate separation anxiety and enhance their social skills. At Canine Fun, dogs can enjoy spacious play areas, stimulating toys, and interactive games to keep them engaged and entertained, including specialized areas or equipment such as agility courses or swimming pools.

Canine Fun is committed to dog safety and security, with stringent protocols in place to ensure dogs’ well-being under their care. Happy customers have shared their positive experiences with testimonials, indicating improved behavior, increased socialization, and happy dogs after their day care sessions.

Enrolling a dog at Canine Fun is a seamless process, requiring specific documentation, vaccination records, and assessments or evaluations. Pricing and package options are available, such as half-day or full-day care, to suit owners’ needs and budgets.

In conclusion, Canine Fun is a reliable choice for dog owners in Aberdeen, providing high-quality care, facilities, and amenities for furry friends. Choose Canine Fun for a safe and enjoyable day care experience for your beloved canine companion.


How does Canine Fun ensure the safety of the dogs in their care?

Canine Fun prioritizes the safety and well-being of all dogs. They have structured playgroups, trained staff, and conduct regular health checks to ensure a safe environment. They also implement stringent protocols for supervision and have measures in place to prevent any untoward incidents.

Can my dog benefit from attending dog day care?

Yes! Dog day care offers numerous benefits for dogs. It helps improve their physical and mental health, reduces separation anxiety, and enhances their social skills. Additionally, it provides them with the opportunity for exercise, play, and mental stimulation.

What activities are available for dogs at Canine Fun?

Canine Fun offers a range of exciting activities for dogs. They have spacious play areas, stimulating toys, and interactive games to keep the dogs engaged and entertained. They also have specialized areas and equipment, such as agility courses and swimming pools, to cater to different dog breeds and preferences.

How can I enroll my dog at Canine Fun?

Enrolling your dog at Canine Fun is a straightforward process. You need to provide the required documentation, including vaccination records. They may also conduct assessments or evaluations for new dogs. You can reach out to their team for more information on the enrollment process and availability.

What are the pricing options and packages offered by Canine Fun?

Canine Fun offers a variety of pricing options and packages to suit different needs. They have half-day and full-day care options, and you can also inquire about any additional services or discounts that may apply. They aim to provide flexibility and cater to the specific requirements of dog owners in Aberdeen.


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