The Comprehensive Services at Aquithie Kennels: Boarding, Grooming, Training

The Comprehensive Services at Aquithie Kennels: Boarding, Grooming, Training


Aquithie Kennels is the perfect spot for pet owners seeking nothing but the best care for their furry friends. Our team of pros provide a warm and cozy atmosphere, so your pet can blossom.

We get that each pet has their own personality and preferences. Our highly trained staff makes sure your pet receives individualized attention. From exercise routines to diet plans, we’ll go beyond to guarantee your pet’s well-being and cheer.

Plus, Aquithie Kennels has a range of features that make us stand out. Our cutting-edge facilities include spacious sleeping areas, climate-controlled surroundings, and safe playing areas, where animals can socialize under supervision.

At Aquithie Kennels, we take hygiene and cleanliness seriously. Our spots are regularly disinfected to guarantee your pet a safe and clean stay. You can rest easy knowing your furry one will be treated right and in a pleasant environment during their visit.

Tip: To make your pet’s time at Aquithie Kennels even more enjoyable, bring along their favorite toys or blankets. This familiar stuff will make them feel like home.

History of Aquithie Kennels

Aquithie Kennels have a long history. It is located in the beautiful countryside and was created by a devoted dog lover. Its reputation for providing outstanding care and accommodation for furry friends has grown ever since.

The team of staff at Aquithie Kennels take care to meet every canine’s needs. From special diets to tailored exercise, they go the extra mile for their furry charges.

Aquithie Kennels is known for its luxury and comfort for animals. This has earned them the trust and loyalty of many pet owners. In fact, they’ve won the “Best Pet Accommodation” award for five years in a row! This proves that their dedication to great care is second to none.

Aquithie Kennels has earned its place as one of the best establishments in the country. Pet owners can count on their trustworthiness and reliability when it comes to finding top-notch accommodation for their beloved pets.

Facilities and Services offered by Aquithie Kennels

To ensure a delightful experience for your furry companions at Aquithie Kennels, discover the varied facilities and services available. Boarding services, training programs, and grooming services are all part of the comprehensive solutions provided to meet your pets’ needs.

Boarding Services

Welcome to Aquithie Kennels! Our boarding services provide a secure and comfy atmosphere for your four-legged pals while you’re away. Whether it’s for a weekend trip or a long holiday, we guarantee exceptional care and facilities.

Plus, our kennels are roomy and well-maintained with cozy bedding and climate control. Our passionate and experienced staff will love and care for your pet, giving them regular exercise, meals, grooming, and medication.

We also have a huge play area where dogs can socialize with other pooches or enjoy individual activities. For special needs, we offer diets, medical care, and customized exercise programs.

Aquithie Kennels is honored to be named ‘Best Boarding Facility in the UK’ by Pet Care Magazine. You can be sure your beloved pet will feel comfortable and be safe with us.


Aquithie Kennels provides top-notch accommodation for your furry friends. Our facilities are comfy and enjoyable. We offer spacious kennels with cozy bedding for a restful sleep. They are cleaned regularly to ensure hygiene.

We have separate areas for different sizes and temperaments. From small to large breeds, they can interact with similar companions in a harmonious environment.

Our staff supervises spacious outdoor areas for exercise. We offer tailored regular routines to keep pets healthy and active.

We provide top-quality meals prepared by our in-house chef. Our menu includes nutritionally balanced meals, catering to any dietary needs or preferences your pet may have.

Book now and give your pets the care they deserve while you’re away. Your pets will thank you!

Exercise and Playtime

At Aquithie Kennels, Exercise and Playtime are a must for our furry guests. It helps them stay active, engaged, and promotes their overall well-being.

We have spacious play areas for roaming, running and socializing with other dogs. Plus, our professional staff arranges exciting activities such as agility courses, fetch games, and obedience training sessions. This keeps them physically fit and mentally stimulated.

For those who don’t like to mingle, we offer individual playtime sessions with personalized attention. We also have secure outdoor spaces for exploring nature in a serene atmosphere.

For added entertainment, we have interactive toys and puzzles. These help in keeping the dogs engaged and boost their problem-solving skills safely.

Moreover, we have a dedicated swimming pool just for dogs. They can take a refreshing dip under the surveillance of our trained staff.

American Kennel Club (AKC) states that regular exercise helps reduce behavioral problems in pets.

Training Programs

Aquithie Kennels provides comprehensive and professional training programs to fit each individual dog’s needs. Their experienced trainers and state-of-the-art facilities equip dogs with the skills they need. Courses range from obedience training to agility and behavioural modification. They even offer advanced courses like scent detection and search and rescue. All tailored to the dog’s strengths and abilities.

What makes Aquithie special is its focus on positive reinforcement techniques. Good behaviour is rewarded rather than bad behaviour punished, making for effective learning and a strong bond between pet and owner.

The UK Dog Training Association has recognised the quality of their services, giving pet owners peace of mind that their furry friends are in safe hands.

Grooming Services

Come to Aquithie Kennels for the ultimate pampering experience for your pet! We use only the best products that are gentle on their skin and coat. Our groomers are experts at breed-specific styling, so your pup’s unique features will be highlighted.

Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing are all part of our grooming package. We understand that some pets have special needs, so our groomers take care and attention to tailor to each individual pet. We make sure that your pet feels relaxed and happy during their grooming session with positive reinforcement and a soothing atmosphere.

Let us give your pet the royal treatment they deserve – book an appointment at Aquithie Kennels today!

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Excited to share the joyous feedback from our content customers? Find out why Aquithie Kennels stands out!

  • Pleased Pets: Our customers love how their pets are treated at Aquithie Kennels. Cozy rooms, healthy meals – we prioritize your pet’s joy and well-being.
  • Skillful Staff: Customers are impressed with our knowledgeable team. Trained in animal care, they make sure your pet has a safe and pleasant stay.
  • Peace of Mind: Our customers feel secure when leaving their pets with us. 24/7 supervision, secure facilities, and on-site vets guarantee your pet’s safety.
  • Personalized Services: We know that every pet is special. So, we provide unique services to meet your pet’s needs – from diet to playtime.
  • Great Communication: Our quick and detailed messages make us stand out. Photos and updates keep you informed about your pet’s condition.
  • Hygiene: Our cleanliness standards get praise from everyone. We have rigorous cleaning routines to ensure hygienic surroundings.

Why not experience the Aquithie Kennels difference? Make a booking and give your pet an amazing stay!

We guarantee a memorable visit for your furry companion. Prior bookings are essential. Book now and let us take care of your pet!

Success Stories and Achievements

Aquithie Kennels, established in 1995 by Sarah Johnson-Smithson, is now a renowned and highly-respected kennel. We boast impressive records of success – from training over 500 dogs from diverse breeds to transforming messy furballs into stylish pups via our grooming services.

Our breeding program has produced amazing bloodlines known for their great health, temperament and conformation. Our agility training has enabled dogs to compete on the national stage and take top positions in prestigious competitions. Rehabilitating rescued dogs and finding them forever homes is also something we take immense pride in.

Plus, we have been awarded several recognition awards from prominent dog associations for our hard work. Our team of professionals offer specialised services like therapy dog training and puppy socialization. At Aquithie Kennels, we put every effort in to ensure every dog gets the love and care they deserve.

Future Plans and Expansion

Aquithie Kennels wishes to grow. To do this, they will have more kennels and a grooming salon plus training space. Their main goal is to give the top care for animals. Pro Tip: Reserve your pet’s stay early to guarantee they can stay.


Aquithie Kennels provides sublime care for your furry friends. With modern facilities and a committed team, you can relax knowing they will be loved and cared for.

Moreover, they offer tailored services to fit each pet’s needs. Be it specific diets or activity levels, their knowledgeable team ensures everything is seen to.

Further, the kennels are meticulously sanitized with top-notch products to keep a secure and hygienic environment. This is what sets Aquithie Kennels apart.

Additionally, they focus on socialization, giving pets chances to interact with other animals in supervised play. This keeps them physically active and emotionally healthy.

To demonstrate the care of Aquithie Kennels, let me tell you about Max. He was a scared, timid rescue dog with trust issues from past trauma. But, with love and support from the staff, he became a happy and trusting companion. This is a testament to the commitment of the Aquithie Kennels team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What services does Aquithie Kennels provide?

Aquithie Kennels provides dog boarding, grooming, and training services. We offer comfortable accommodation for your dogs, professional grooming services to keep them looking their best, and training programs to improve their obedience and behaviour.

  1. How much does it cost to board a dog at Aquithie Kennels?

Boarding prices at Aquithie Kennels vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, as well as the duration of their stay. Please visit our website or contact us directly for specific pricing information.

  1. Are the kennels at Aquithie Kennels safe and clean?

Yes, at Aquithie Kennels, we prioritize the safety and cleanliness of our kennels. Our facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized, and we have security measures in place to ensure the safety of all the dogs in our care.

  1. Can I visit my dog while they are boarding at Aquithie Kennels?

Absolutely! We encourage owners to visit their dogs while they are staying with us. However, we do recommend scheduling visits in advance to ensure that our staff can accommodate your visit and that it doesn’t disrupt your dog’s routine.

  1. Does Aquithie Kennels have any requirements for vaccinations?

Yes, for the safety of all dogs in our facilities, we require proof of up-to-date vaccinations, including the distemper, parvovirus, and rabies vaccines. This helps prevent the spread of diseases and ensures a healthy environment for all guests.

  1. Do I need to bring my own food and bedding for my dog’s stay?

We provide high-quality food for our canine guests, but if your dog has specific dietary needs or preferences, you are welcome to bring their own food. We also provide comfortable bedding, but if your dog has a favorite blanket or bed, you may bring that as well.


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